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In Memory of Joyce Brown

Blue Valley Karate, Johnson County Martial Arts & Self Defense Classes

Steve Stillwell's Bushidokan is the most respected location in Johnson County and South Kansas City for martial arts instruction, karate, judo, kick boxing, personal training, self defense and karate aerobics fitness training since 1989 . Steve Stillwell's Bushidokan is dedicated to personal growth, improvement and attention to individual needs at reasonable rates with more than 30 years experience.

Bushidokan is a unique martial arts form. It was not created to be an "off the shelf" form, taught on every street corner. Nor is it intended to provide an "ego trip" for it's participants. It's creators developed it to be a higher form of Karate, endeavored by many, but mastered by few. It is a mental, as well as physical development process, requiring great dedication, over many years.

Blue Valley Karate, Johnson County Kansas Martial Arts Training, Self Defense and Karate Aerobics Kickboxing Classes, Kids Karate Instruction including Preschool Karate

Most Forms of Karate have developed systems to track the students development in the art. While these may appear similar, each martial art form has it's own rules, systems, and requirements for advancement to the next level. In some martial arts forms, advancement is a reward for perseverance, rather than a true indication of the students level of development. The Masters of Bushidokan have struggled to keep their system pure, giving the student a true indication of progress. While Bushidokan is one of the most difficult and time consuming martial art forms to master, each advancement carries with it a cherished knowledge, that it has truly been earned, and the student is worthy of the respect that the new rank carries.

Students of Bushidokan gain rank, or belt color, much slower than students of other martial art forms. Comparing a student of Bushidokan with a student of equal rank in another form will invariably show the Bushidokan student to be more developed in the fundamental skills. It is important that observers understand that comparisons should only be made between students within a single martial art form, since the ranking systems among the forms are so vastly different.


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