Early LearnersThe Fun & Fundamentals

Our Preschool Martial Arts program puts children in touch with their bodies and helps develop balance and coordination, while helping to build self confidence, discipline and more. Our experienced and highly qualified instruction helps foster a strong, positive self-image in a structured, disciplined atmosphere, while teaching proper fundamental martial arts skills.
Ages 3 - 5

MartIal Arts
Beginner/Advanced BeginnerSafe & Confident Kids in an Adult World

Under the experienced leadership of qualified Bushidokan instructors, this class focuses on the development of fundamental martial arts skills, and an understanding of true martial training. In this structured disciplined environment the students develop and improve their coordination and flexibility while increasing self respect and discipline.
Ages 6 - 12

Adult Martial ArtsDiscipline & Confidence for Life

Under the experienced leadership of Bushidokan instructors, these structured, disciplined classes focus on the fundamental skills of Karate, Judo, and Jujitsu. Our well-rounded program promotes the development of self defense skills as well as flexibility, coordination, self discipline and self control. These classes are designed for an adult level of maturity.
Ages 13 & up

Sport TrainingChallenge Yourself Competitively

Kick Boxing
Point Karate

Women's Self-Defense WorkshopPersonal Protection & Safety

Personal protection and safety for our loved ones has become an important priority in today's world. This workshop, instructed by Steve Stillwell of the Blue Valley Bushidokan Martial Arts Academy, focuses on the fundamentals of self-defense awareness. Learn the most effective methods of defending yourself, plus how to identify potentially dangerous situations. This training is ideal for women of all ages and is highly recommended for teens. Ages 12 and up.

KidSafe Self Defense AwarenessSafe & Confident Kids in an Adult World

This class focuses on children's safety and awareness issues that are a part of our everday suburban lifestyle. Training includes: Identifying situations and people that are of high risk nature; recognizing when and how to react to suspicious persons and situations; learning how to avoid being put into vulnerable situations; and familiarizing children with several very practical and simple physical maneuvers that allow an escape from harm.