The Dojo

Bushidokan is a unique martial art form.

It is a variation of Karate, Judo and Jujitsu transformed into a simple, street-ready self defense. It was not created to be an "off-the-shelf" form, taught in every strip mall. Nor is it intended to inflate the participant's ego. In 1964, Mr. Jim Harrison created and developed the Bushidokan system to be a step above, endeavored by many, but mastered by few. Is is a mental, as well as physical development process, requiring great dedication, over many years.

Most martial art forms have developed systems to track the students' development and progress in the art. While they may appear similar, each martial art form has its own rules, systems and requirements for advancement to the next level. In some martial art forms, advancement is a reward for perseverance, rather than a true indication of the students' level of development. The masters of Bushidokan have committed to keeping their system pure, giving the student a true indication of "real" progress. Advancement in Bushidokan carries with it a cherished knowledge that it has truly been earned, and the student is highly qualified and worthy of the respect that each new rank carries. Training in martial skills creates and develops and unspoken confidence that can help athletes take their skills to the next level.

Steve Stillwell’s Blue Valley Bushidokan Martial Arts Academy opened in October of 1989, and continues to offer a thriving modern martial arts environment with high standards and old fashioned values that accommodates students of all ages in all facets of martial arts training. The academy is one of the most respected programs in Johnson County and South Kansas City for martial arts intstruction, including Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, kick-boxing, personal training, self-defense and Karate fitness training. Mr. Stillwell has taught all the Blue Valley Recreation martial arts classes since 1986. Steve Stillwell's Bushidokan is dedicated to personal growth, improvement and attention to individual needs at reasonable rates.
  • Started training at Jim Harrison’s Bushidokan Academy under Ed Bixbe in November of 1974.
  • Began training under Harrison protégés Steve Mackey and Mark Payne in 1978 and was awarded the rank of Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) on May 12, 1980.
  • Competed in numerous Regional and National point karate tournaments where he was known as a fierce competitor and consistent winner.
  • Began focusing more on full contact karate (kickboxing) training with dojo mates and World-ranked kick boxers Ron Godard, Bob “Thunder” Thurman, and Jeff Payne.
  • Steve had a successful full contact career spanning over three years. The highlight of his career was fighting Jon Moncayo for the World Karate Association U.S. Title, as well as having several nationally televised fights on ESPN and the USA Channel.
  • Began teaching full time in 1986. Teaching, Training and Overseeing Management of Steve Mackey’s Bushidokan Academy in Overland Park, Kansas.
  • Blue Valley Recreation commission Martial Arts Program Coordinator and Chief Instructor since 1987.
  • Brookside Charter and Day School elementary and preschool Martial Arts instructor since 1986.
  • Taught credit courses at Johnson County Community college for three years.
  • Worked with tactical unit officers with the KCMO Police Department.
  • Taught self defense skills to the visually impaired children at Bryant School in the KCMO School District.
  • Served as the Official Martial Arts Trainer for the Kansas City Chiefs for five years.
  • Served as a personal trainer for NFL standouts Joe Montana, Albert Lewis and Derrick Thomas, and many other profesional athletes.
  • Self Defense Instructor for the Midwest Council of the Girl Scouts of America since 2000
  • Martial Arts Coordinator & Instructor for the Alta Vista Charter High School, Guadalupe Center Programs
  • Martial Arts trainer for Crysto Rey Kansas City